Charter Active Members

Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Organized April 9th, 1941
Incorporated June 13th, 1941

The following members were the “Founding Fathers” of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department. Each member is a Charter Active Member because they were at the meeting to organize a fire district, and later went on to become the first firefighters and members of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department. The following 42 member will forever be known as the 42 Charter Active Members of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department. We will forever be thankful for these “Founding Fathers” for all of the work they have put in over their many years of service to this department and the community.

Charter Active Members
Carl Babeyko John Nestuk
Bohdan Banit Henry J. Oligney
William Barnow John Opalka
Andrew Behuniak Archie Jupin
Michael Behuniak Steve Powanda
Peter Chuckta John Probeck
Metro Fedorchak Steve Rentz
Alex Hetko Andrew Ridzik
Andrew Hetko Archie Robideau
Metro Hetko John Schenski
John Hetko John Senick
Joseph Hetko William Sokol
Steve Kirik Peter Spinda
John Kowansky Charles Smith
Nicholas Kowansky Michael Spiak
John Kozersky Vladimir Stah
Andrew Kramarchyk Harry Stemisky
Andrew Ksenich Joseph Szabiet
John Machnick Charles Tarbay
William Machnick Fred Volk
Nicholas Marzinisky Samuel Washinko

Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department
61 Cohoes Rd. Watervliet, N.Y. 12189
Incorporated as a Fire Protection District on June 13, 1941.
Phone: 518-273-1200
Emergencies Dial: 911